Deliberative Democracy: A Critical Introduction, 2012, Palgrave

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  • The Enacted Ethics of Self-Injury forthcoming 2022, Topoi
  • Justifying Deliberative Democracy: Are Two Heads Always Wiser Than One?’, 2011, Contemporary Political Theory, 10(1): 78-101
  • ‘Formal and Informal Models of Deliberative Democracy: A Tension in the Theory of Political Deliberation’, 2010, Representation, 46(3): 295-308

Book Chapters

  • ‘Suicide and Non-Lethal Self-Harm,’ 2024, in Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Suicide, eds. Michael Cholbi & Paolo Stellino

Public Philosophy

Mental Illness and Microaggression
Justice Everywhere blog, January 2022

It’s So Crazy That You Called Me a Psycho: Why Are We Still Using Mental Illness Slurs?
Justice Everywhere blog, April 2021

Be Careful Whom You Laugh With – Public Ethics blog, February 2021
The dangers of treating an insurrection as comedy

Book Reviews and Encyclopaedia Entries

  • ‘AManifesto for Mental Health by Peter Kinderman’2020 Metapsychology Online Reviews
  • Deliberation’, ‘Deliberative Democracy’ and ‘Unintended consequences’ in The Encyclopedia of Power ed. Dowding, 2011
  • ‘Nadia Urbinati: Representative Democracy: Principles & Genealogy’ book review for Political Studies Review, 2009, 7(1)
  • ‘Rational Choice and Democratic Deliberation: A Theory of Discourse Failure by Guido Pincione and Fernando R. Tesón’ book review for Economics and Philosophy, 2008, 24(1)
  • ‘John S. Dryzek: Deliberative Global Politics’ book review for Political Studies Review, 2007, 5(2)
  • ‘Arjun Appadurai: The Fear of Small Numbers’ book review for Political Studies Review, 2007, 5(2)

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